Inspiration. It’s the basis for your music. 

Tired of recording in a basement or just as bad, a space that looks like a Hospital? Vibe is everything and your eyes can lead to amazing results for your ears! Be inspired by our Moroccan/Asian influenced décor that sooths the spirit and sounds as great as it looks. Beginning with 5 unique and sonically different recording spaces that include; a tunable isomorphic wall and a natural stone drum chamber. In addition we are the only recording Studio in the Midwest housing a rare 72 ch fully analog SSL 9000K series mixing console with 24 remote super mic pres. No digital giant mouse here. Our ProTools recording rig is custom and sounds super with Lavry convertors on the front end. And ask about our secret weapon “The Dog” it’s an amazing woof you won’t hear anywhere else.

As the only studio ever in the Chicago area to be honored as Mix Magazines studio of the year we continue to pride ourselves in bringing great music from all genres’ to the world.


Steve Kovacs
Recording Engineer

Slavic Livins
Recording Engineer

Chris Schneider
Studio Manager / Mastering Engineer