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The air is the medium and the space that surrounds it captures the message. Without an acoustically proper space any recording will have poor sound. Come to pressure Point and experience what you sound like in a pristine room with an artistic vibe with a staff that knows how to get the best results without breaking your budget. And yes we have the best vocal chain: classic vintage microphones, rare warm sounding mic pres, and wonderfully transparent analog compressors.



A poor listening environment, a computer, pro tools and some plugins operated by someone who is still trying to figure it out will not allow your music to stand up to be heard against professionally mixed music.

Starting with our engineers that have mixed numerous hits and have a combined 50 years of experience in the music business coupled with a pristine listening environment you will immediately hear the Pressure Point difference. We have the only SSL9000K fully analog mixing console in Chicago (no control surface/giant mouse here) your finished songs will be bathed with fat analog presence. Our pro tools system is custom with Lavry convertors on the front end for smooth A to D conversion. Come in and hear the difference in our mixes.



When you need that final sweetening we have the ears, the gear and the room. Mastering is not a necessity, but when it is it needs to be done right: It’s not just about turning up the track or throwing some digital plug in on the finished mix. We use specific analog mastering EQ’s, along with more than one set of speakers to make sure your final master translates across the variety platforms available to today’s music consumer. Give us a call and we can discuss with you the needs of your project and to make sure you have everything necessary to complete the mastering process.



Music is truly a universal language and we speak it perfectly. If you’re ready to put your Art and Vision first you are in the right place. We can drop names with the best in the world: Mariah Carey, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Pharrell, R Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Disturbed, Krewella, Smokie Norful,  Atlantic, Universal, Warner Brothers, but what really matters is YOUR music and that is what we take into account for EVERY client that walks through our doors. Here, you are not someone’s learning experiment; you will never be given an intern or assistant to record/mix your project. Every song/track is unique and deserves its own special attention and we take the time to listen. We don’t run your music through the digital sausage grinder to end up with flavorless mush. At Pressure Point you will get a tasty full course audio meal for much less than you would expect to pay. Experience the full sonic Universe in a lush acoustically pristine environment. Bring your music to life by putting it in the hands of music people who care as much as you do about your creation. See, Feel and Hear the Pressure Point difference. Inspiration. It’s the basis for your music. Tired of recording in a basement or just as bad, a space that looks like a Hospital? Vibe is everything and your eyes can lead to amazing results for your ears! Be inspired by our Moroccan/Asian influenced décor that sooths the spirit and sounds as great as it looks.

Beginning with 5 unique and sonically different recording spaces that include; a tunable isomorphic wall and a natural stone drum chamber. In addition we are the only recording Studio in the Midwest housing a rare 72 channel fully analog SSL 9000K series mixing console with 24 remote super mic pres. No digital giant mouse here. Our ProTools recording rig is custom and sounds super with Lavry convertors on the front end. And ask about our secret weapon “The Dog” it’s an amazing woof you won’t hear anywhere else.

As the only studio ever in the Chicago area to be honored as Mix Magazines studio of the year we continue to pride ourselves in bringing great music from all genres’ to the world.

Still want to put your music in the hands of a non-professional who will tell ya it’s cheap and good enough?

Step up to Pressure Point when you are ready for the World to Hear your best.




Steve Kovacs
Recording Engineer

Steve Kovacs is a long-standing engineer/mixer with more than ten years experience at Pressure Point. The Record-Row studio hired Steve based on his blend of tech and music-lingo.

Slavic Livins
Recording Engineer

Slavic Livins has been in the industry for over two decades – moving seamlessly from engineer to producer and back again – and has collaborated with such talent as Keyshia Cole

Chris Schneider
Studio Manager / Mastering Engineer

Chris has worked both sides of the glass, first as a major label recording artist/ songwriter and now as Producer/Studio Manager/Mastering engineer of Midwest Music Group

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